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During my time on Kool-Aid I was responsible for generating weekly social content but also conceptualized and executed larger scale activations.

Don't Drop the "Oh Yeah"

Conceptualized, helped edit, sourced influencers, and community-managed a hashtag takeover challenge on TikTok that encouraged users to duet with an "OH YEAH" and keep the chain going. The 3-day hashtag challenge increased brand awareness among ages 13+ and received 1.67 BILLION video views.

Kool-Aid x Kool-Aid

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In the wake of college NIL deals, we partnered with Ga'Quincy "Kool-Aid" McKinstry. I had the privilege of being on the team conceptualizing the partnership and creating the content announcing it.

Where's Kool-Aid Man?

The goal was to build awareness and love for Kool-Aid Man while also launching a more consistent TikTok presence. With no brick walls safe from him, I thought the best course of action was make him a "Waldo" that could appear anywhere. Candids from these outings still circulate as memes to this day.

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Agency: VaynerMedia

CD: Jackie Blaze, Kat O'Brien

Creators: Daniel Paul, Matt Carucci

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